Pakistani mango exporters turn to advanced freezing tech to tap into Chinese market

By Waseem Bloch | Gwadar Pro Aug 18, 2023

ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (Gwadar Pro) - In a bid to boost their market share in China, Pakistani mango exporters have unveiled plans to leverage innovative mango processing and treatment technologies.

Pakistani mangoes, often hailed as the "king of fruits," enjoy an extended supply period of five to six months and are highly regarded for their unique taste. However, despite their appeal, export volume has  been low. "Mango export volume in Pakistan is only around 150,000 tons," Fahim Azam, Director of Jaffer Group of Companies, told Gwadar Pro in an interview. 

In 2022, Pakistan exported a mere 23.95 tons of fresh or dried mangoes to China, a fraction of the total export volume. Azam pointed out that logistical issues and short shelf life have limited their growth potential in the Chinese market. "Because of this short shelf life, mangoes often don't reach customers in perfect condition - their taste and texture can deteriorate," he noted.

To tackle these challenges,  two Pakistani firms have now introduced a new freezing technology that extends the shelf life of mangoes to up to one year while preserving freshness. "Frozen mangoes can cut back on losses from spoilage," Azam stated, emphasizing the crucial role of the technology in enhancing export potential.

"The key benefit is that only the edible portion gets exported, reducing transportation costs and other expenses," Azam added. He further clarified that while there is a cost associated with this technology, the value addition more than compensates for it.

Sharafat Ali Anjum, Manager Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs at Six-B Food Industries, further illuminated the advantages of the freezing technology. "We can freeze the product in just five to ten minutes, transitioning it from plus twenty degrees centigrade to minus one hundred degrees centigrade. This rapid freezing helps preserve the product's natural attributes, including texture and aroma," he explained.

Azam concluded, "This is a crucial time for Pakistan's economy. We should seize opportunities. The more foreign exchange we bring in, the more likely we are to stand on our own feet." This ambitious tech-driven strategy signals a bright future for Pakistani fruit exports to China and a lifeline for the nation's economy.

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