Saudi Peace Talks: China's Positive Role in Promoting Peace

By Saud Faisal Malik | Gwadar Pro Aug 14, 2023

In a pivotal diplomatic rendezvous held in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah bore witness to a resolute commitment to international peace-building efforts. The curtains fell on the Saudi-hosted meeting on the Ukraine conflict, culminating in an affirmative pledge to sustain dialogues that cultivate the common ground essential for enduring tranquility. Against the backdrop of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, this gathering brought together representatives from over 40 nations and international organizations, signaling an unwavering determination to surmount the current impasse.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov’s commentary on the meeting reflected a divergent narrative. He branded the gathering as an emblem of the West’s “futile, doomed efforts,” an attempt to galvanize the Global South behind Zelenskyy’s stance. Yet, the resolve of the participants remained unshaken, fortified by the participation of security advisers and envoys from over 40 countries and international organizations, including heavyweight players like China, the United States, and the United Nations.

China's participation in the two-day talks hosted by Saudi Arabia further underscores its proactive approach to international diplomacy. These discussions, which included representatives from around 40 nations, aimed to find common ground and pave the way for peace in Ukraine. It's involvement, along with key Ukraine allies such as the United States, Britain, and Germany, reflects its determination to engage constructively in resolving complex global issues.

The inclusion of China in these talks was hailed as a "super breakthrough and a historic victory" by Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. This sentiment highlights the widespread acknowledgment of China's potential to play a pivotal role in advancing peace efforts. It's willingness to participate and contribute constructively to the discussions speaks volumes about its commitment to the principles of international diplomacy.

China's participation in the talks is indicative of its broader efforts to play a positive role in reshaping the global order. By engaging in diplomatic initiatives like the talks in Saudi Arabia, China demonstrates its proactive approach to mitigating global conflicts and creating a more balanced international landscape.

While China's participation in the talks may not have altered its existing stance on the Ukraine conflict, it underscores the nation's unwavering commitment to its principles. Beijing continues to advocate for a political settlement based on its 12-point proposal, which calls for peace talks to end the conflict. This approach showcases China's dedication to finding diplomatic solutions that resonate with its core values while actively contributing to international dialogue.

China's active participation in international talks regarding the Ukraine conflict serves as a beacon of hope and diplomacy in a world often marred by discord and strife. Through its impartial stance, commitment to dialogue, and strategic partnerships, China is demonstrating its growing role as a responsible global actor. As the nation engages in discussions that impact the course of international affairs, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the positive contributions it makes to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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