Luban workshop holds field training to aid agricultural mechanization in Pakistan

By Staff Reporter | China Economic Net Jun 13, 2023

MULTAN, June 13 (China Economic Net) - Pakistani Luban Workshop held a "Field Training Day" on June 13 in its special field at Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan (MNSUAM). This location serves as the workshop’s overseas training base for agricultural machinery.

The training program, centered around the theme of "Application and Promotion of Maize Harvesting Mechanization Technology," aims to enhance the construction of an international industry-academia-research-application platform for agricultural machinery training. Through participatory, experiential, and interactive demonstrations and training, the program seeks to improve the effectiveness of the workshop's agricultural mechanization technology.

By showcasing the capabilities of high-horsepower, high-performance and intelligent Chinese agricultural machinery in grain harvesting and production, it will aid local farmers in advancing the whole mechanization process of crop harvesting.

At the training site, teachers from MNSUAM and experts from the Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute in Punjab collaborated to teach and answer questions for over 200 teachers and students from relevant agricultural universities in Pakistan, officials and technicians from agricultural departments of Punjab province, agricultural technology promotion agencies, and representatives of farmers and enterprises.

China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) live-streamed the event, which attracted a large number of relevant Chinese companies online.

This event innovates three models for international cooperation in vocational education and the integration of industry and teaching, according to the organizer.

First, it innovates the practical training mode of Luban Workshop to enhance productivity. This is the first time that Chinese school-enterprise cooperation units are participating in productive practical training in partner countries of the Luban Workshop. The training was guided by such cooperation units, and the real production task of corn harvesting was used as teaching content to help trainees master mechanized operation skills.

Secondly, it innovates the overseas display mode of new technologies and products of Chinese agricultural machinery. The teaching equipment for this training is the self-propelled corn harvester donated by the school-enterprise cooperation units, which demonstrated China's advanced and intelligent agricultural machinery technology in the practical training.

The Chinese-made agricultural machines were well received by local agricultural departments, dealers, and users after the faculty of MNSUAM provided on-site explanations and trainees demonstrated their operation.

Thirdly, it innovates the promotion model of agricultural mechanization in Punjab Province. This is the first time that Punjab has organized an international agricultural mechanization training and promotion event. It is also the largest event of its kind in terms of scale, promotion coverage, and influence on education and industry integration. This will help improve the capacity of local agricultural mechanization applications and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of agricultural automation.

The event was co-sponsored by Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College (TMVTC), MNSUAM, Tianjin LIHO Group and CAMDA.

The Party Secretary of TMVTC, Kang Ning, addressed the event and highlighted that this field training showcased the latest technology, equipment, and achievements of Chinese agricultural machinery. He also emphasized that this training would aid in promoting Pakistan's agricultural mechanization and industrial transformation and upgrading. Furthermore, it would foster research, promotion, and cooperation between China and Pakistan in the field of agricultural machinery. In the future, Pakistani Luban Workshop plans to expand its agricultural machinery training program to intelligent agricultural machinery manufacturing and unmanned operation. This will enable the organization to achieve high-quality development.

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