Chinese textile expo boosts Pakistan’s exploration of nature and technology

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Apr 1, 2023

SHANGHAI, April 1 (Gwadar Pro)- In the international section of the Intertextile Spring/Summer Shanghai Apparel and Fabrics Exhibition, visitors are dazzled by a wide variety of fabrics and garments from all over the world. Fashionable sportswear made in Pakistan has become one of the most attractive sights, with the front of the stalls packed with an endless stream of onlookers.

Chinese textile expo boosts Pakistan’s exploration of nature and technology

                  Sportswear made in Pakistan showcased at the expo

Daisy Di, sales and marketing director of a Chinese fabric and garment manufacturing company in Pakistan, has been busy briefing the visitors on the advantages of textile manufacturing in Pakistan and the company’s commitment to technology, low carbon and environmental protection. “It is a good attempt for us to participate in such an international exhibition to create a new modern image of Pakistani textile products and expand cooperation with more well-known sports brands,” she told the reporter.

As a renowned textile country, Pakistan leads the world in the production of cotton and denim products but falls short in functional fabrics. The company is currently the only one in Pakistan capable of producing renewable polyester products. Daisy said they would further promote and update functional fabrics, especially sustainable fabrics such as recycled fabrics in Pakistan, both in meeting the needs of international customers and in promoting their own sustainability transformation.

The textile industry, as a major carbon emitter, needs to make a high-quality transition towards sustainability and reduce carbon emissions through the use of clean energy. Recycled polyester weaves away from over-dependence on petroleum resources and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Through technology, discarded empty plastic bottles are recycled and spun into high-performance functional fabrics, allowing them to re-enter people's lives and provide a comfortable wearing experience.

Chinese textile expo boosts Pakistan’s exploration of nature and technology

                    Low-carbon and environmentally friendly fabric

Currently, the company has more than 50 sewing lines, with a monthly output of 1,000,000 garments for export, equipped with equipment and technology to produce woven, knit, embroidered and various functional fabrics. It was authorized by the Pakistani government last year to set up a special economic zone and is expected to produce 2.5 million meters of fabric a month next year. Fabric production in the SEZs will cover synthetic fiber functional fabrics, high elasticity functional fabrics, fleece functional fabrics, and merino wool fabrics.

Referring to the establishment of Textile SEZ and future development trends of textiles in Pakistan, Daisy pointed out that innovation and sustainability should be taken as a cut through product differentiation and advanced technology to improve textile quality. “China’s Internet has developed to a certain extent. How to integrate advanced technologies into the traditional textile industry and continuously improve its efficiency is also worth exploring in the future. The plants in our SEZ will also undergo intelligent transformation, including implementation of digital information system to further contribute to the country’s textile exports.” she concluded.



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