Gwadar Fisherman Lauds China donated Solar Systems Amid Power Failures

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Mar 23, 2023

Gwadar Fisherman Lauds China donated Solar Systems Amid Power Failures

GWADAR, Mar.23, (Gwadar Pro)-"We no longer have a problem with power breakdowns as China's solar systems continue to provide service to the people of Gwadar," said Abdul Rashid, a fisherman and resident of the Gazarwaan area near Masjid-e-Aqsa in Gwadar's old city.

Abdul Rashid is among the beneficiaries of a package of solar equipment that was donated by China in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Last year, the initiative donated 4,000 sets of solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights. 

"Due to some technical issues a few days ago, there was an electricity outage in Gwadar for a week. In such a dire situation, my children were able to sleep peacefully for six nights because the solar set and battery donated by China provided 4 to 5 hours of power to keep the fan running," he added. 

Speaking to Gwadar Pro, Abdul Rashid shared how his family's life has improved since their home was solarized with a donation from China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy. He said, "Previously, during prolonged power outages, my sick mother used to suffer in the dark at night and was very uncomfortable. But for the past five months, thanks to solar power in our home, my mother has been cheerful and offering good wishes to China." He added that during the day, his wife can now use the washing machine and other electric appliances to do household chores thanks to solar power. When asked about the donation process, he said it was fair and transparent, except for one or two cases.

The solar system has also helped keep their electricity bill in check, even during the price hikes in Ramazan.
Regarding the verification process, he stated, "The authorities personally collected information and inquired with our neighbors to confirm our status as deserving recipients of the solar system." After the verification was completed, the authorities installed the solar system free of cost.Raheem Buksh, a social worker, informed Gwadar Pro that Chinese solar donations were distributed to the deserving local residents in all 42 wards of Gwadar City, based on his information. Zainab, another beneficiary, expressed her satisfaction with the process, stating that the solar team reached out to them and installed the solar system after verification, without them having to approach the team themselves. 

"Prior to receiving the solar apparatus, we had no knowledge about China and its presence in Gwadar, but now we have gained some insight into its role," she revealed. She also mentioned that one solar panel and battery are sufficient for their family's daily needs.

In another ward, resident Majeed Zareen expressed his gratitude for the solar system donated by China. "When I checked the market price for the entire solar system installed in our home, it was worth more than Rs. 100,000. As someone who is financially struggling, it was only a dream to afford such an expensive system. We are very grateful to China for this generous initiative for the poor in Gwadar," he stated.

In the course of the survey, it was discovered that the population of Gwadar exceeds 150,000 (0.15 million) people, the majority of whom are impoverished and fishermen.

The contribution of solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights is just one of the most recent illustrations of China's commitment to aiding developing countries to improve their ability to cope with the challenges brought about by climate change. To assist with mitigation and adaptation efforts, China has signed memorandums of understanding on climate change cooperation with 37 countries, donating materials worth over 1 billion yuan ($147 million).  

According to Noor Mohsin, the president of the Gwadar Press Club, after evaluating the situation and gathering information, at least 95 percent of the deserving individuals in Gwadar received solar photovoltaic systems and LED lights in a fair and systematic manner, without any interference from politics. Mohsin also praised the positive impact made by China and expressed the need for such projects to continue benefiting the community in Gwadar. 

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