China can provide strategic insights to Pakistan on food security: Pakistani experts

By Zafar Hussain | Gwadar Pro Jan 10, 2023

BEIJING,Jan.9(Gwadar Pro) - China's food security strategy has become a hallmark for many countries to emulate and Chinese food security strategy can provide forward guidance to Pakistan policymakers, said Shan Saeed, Chief Economist at Juwai IQI.

Shan told Gwadar Pro that China is leading from the front in terms of storage capacity, supply chain, quality of staple food, and above all timely connecting the farmers and sellers through the use of technology.

"Grain storage capacity runs over 650 million tonnes for the country. All credit goes to the leadership of the Chinese government and policymakers. China has got 150 million people out of poverty since 2013 and 900 million people out of poverty since 1986," he added.

He further said that the technology-driven food security has provided peace of mind to the masses and rising income for hard-working farmers.

Masood Chaudhary, economic expert and businessman, shared with Gwadar Pro his thought that lack of awareness is the biggest issue in Pakistan, as farmers don't have proper education, and policymakers need to improve policies according to international standards.

"Adoption of successful business models of multinational companies like Chinese companies could help Pakistani enterprises learn their methods and techniques which could help boosting their business through joint ventures".

He further said that China is very good in AI, Big Data, IOT. These kinds of technologies are necessary to enhance business, whereas strict checks and follow-up mechanisms should be launched where they can analyze their progress and weakness on a monthly basis.

"I hope more Chinese companies would invest in the agriculture sector here and teach us all kinds of methods to improve this sector, particularly in technologies," he said.  

Masood mentioned that Pakistan needs to improve the technical skills of their labor and China may help establish vocational training through MOUs with prestigious educational institutes in different fields, where China can provide solutions.    

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