GoodWe boosting Renewable Energy in Pakistan

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Dec 25, 2022

GoodWe boosting Renewable Energy in Pakistan

GoodWe signed a 50MW MoU with local companies to boost renewable energy in Pakistan. [Photo/FB]

ISLAMABAD, Dec 25, (Gwadar Pro)-As Pakistan aims to increase its renewable energy share to 60% by 2030, GoodWe, one of China’s leading smart energy solution providers, is also playing its part to boost renewable energy in the country.
Last week, GoodWe signed a 50MW memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Maxgreen and Solcraft to boost the renewable energy sector in Pakistan. “We are looking forward to this cooperation. It will add significantly to Pakistan’s fast-growing renewable capacity and will further contribute to green energy development and industrial clean electricity demand, as well as enhancing eco-friendly residential living,” reads a statement of GoodWe.
Maxgreen and Solcraft, with their head offices in Karachi, are Pakistani companies that deal with Solar PV and provide clean, green, and smart energy solutions through constant innovation and research.
GoodWe is behind different initiatives in Pakistan promoting green energy in Pakistan by actively participating in different programs on PV and renewable energy.
GoodWe donated its SDT G2 10kW Inverter to the Energy Training and Research Center (ETRC), the most authoritative PV training school in Pakistan, to the next generation of PV installers to learn the latest technologies and techniques. According to the company, supporting training schools like ETRC with the new equipment enables the future installers of Pakistan to learn  the latest methods, the latest technology, and the most efficient equipment.

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