USD2.6bln in 20 years: Saindak Copper-Gold Mine

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Nov 3, 2022

CHAGAI, Oct 3, (Gwadar Pro)-The Saindak Copper-Gold Mine celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 1, 2022. A celebration attended by 320 representatives from government of Balochistan, Pakistani military, local tribes and villages was held.

According to MCC Resource Development Limited (MRDL) Chairman He Xuping, the copper-gold mine has produced more than 290,000 tons of blister copper over the past 20 years, generated 2.6 billion US dollars in foreign exchange, and paid 520 million US dollars in taxes, fees, and profits to the governments of Pakistan and Balochistan.

Saindak Copper-Gold Mine, incorporated as a "mega project" in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has created over 1,900 jobs, improved the livelihood of thousands of families in remote areas, trained nearly 100,000 people in professional skills, and paid 1.2 billion US dollars for local procurement.

Mr. He Xuping also stated in his report that due to Pakistan's recent flood disaster, 20 million dollars were provided to surrounding villages to secure water, electricity, education, and medical care.

“We are committed to building a bigger and strong mining industry for Pakistan.”Mr. He concluded.

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