China always supports countries to get stable on their feet: Pakistani analyst

By Mia Shah | Gwadar Pro Aug 19, 2022

BEIJING, Aug. 19 (Gwadar Pro) - “You can take the example of any country, the countries to which China has given a grant, the aim of China has always been to support that country to get stable on its feet,” said Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan, a political analyst and an expert on South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf security issues.

Last week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited three African countries-South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. His visit came against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and escalated tensions following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to China's Taiwan straits.

“China has constructed infrastructures in those countries. China has not created military bases there. I’ve read a report about Chinese investment in African countries that was published by the UN. The UN has appreciated the achievement of China, the Chinese investment and its policies. However, the western countries, including America, wanted to invest in Africa only where they can get quick profit,” said Rashid.

Last year, US President Joe Biden said in his address to the African Union that the United States stands ready to be Africa’s partner, in solidarity, support, and mutual respect. “But in reality, the vital sectors like infrastructures development where they cannot get quick profit, they did not invest there,” Rashid said.

“China has never interfered in the internal politics of any country. However, these people especially from America, by giving grant to poor countries, always try to find their influence. The attitude of China towards any country is not colonial. They are doing it peacefully. They are not doing it through the army, and neither are they doing it through approximate action. They are actually doing it through trade,” Rashid added.

Rashid also noted that America feels threatened by China's rise. “America is observing China's increasing influence in these areas which are considered traditionally as exclusive preserves of the United States. They were considered as the exclusive sphere of the influence of the United States. No other power has ever been allowed and given any change to influence. No one can even think of it.” 

“Although America faces no apparent loss due to these initiatives taken by China, it thinks that every success of China is a loss for America. Wherever there is a benefit of China, America finds it a big loss for itself. America wants to keep holding the position of unchallenged and paramount superpower. It does not want to lose superiority in the areas where now well wishes are found for China,” Rashid added.

“China has invested in African countries in areas which western countries were not ready to invest in. There was either a high risk factor or less profit gain,” he said. “China took that risk and China has given chance to many African countries to stand on their feet. While the US is just alarmed about its loss of influence on the continent. That is in sharp contrast to China's win-win cooperation with African countries which has brought tremendous tangible benefits to both sides.”

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