Contract award process for N-50 Dualization Project accelerated

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Aug 4, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 4 (Gwadar Pro)- The Ministry of Communication has accelerated its efforts to execute the dualization and upgradation of the existing Zhob-Quetta (Kuchlak) National Highway (N-50), which is an important section of the Western Route of China Economic Corridor (CPEC). National Highway Authority (NHA), a statutory body under the Ministry of Communication has started inviting invitations (prequalification notices) from contractors for the different sections of N-50.

NHA on Thursday issued a prequalification notice for “Dualization of Kuchlak-Zhob Section (Package-I)” from the contractors who registered with the tax department and with Pakistan Engineering Council in Category CA with Specialization in CE-OI and 02-CE for the Year 2022. The 65KM long Kuchlak-Zhob Section (Package I) is situated between Zhob to Tangi.

Similarly, on Wednesday, NHA issued a prequalification notice for the Dualization of Kuchlak Zhob Section (Package-II). It is a 65KM long patch from Tangi to Qila Saifullah.

Earlier this week, a prequalification notice for “Dualization of Kuchlak-Zhob Section of N-50, Package-III was issued by NHA. The 50Km long Package-III is located between Qila Saifullah and Nasai.

Earlier on July 20, NHA also issued a prequalification notice for the ‘Dualization and improvement of Existing N-50 from Yarik-Sagu-Zhob (50KM-Package-I).

So far, NHA has issued prequalification notices for four out of five packages. As per the plan, the dualization of the 298KM long Kuchlak-Zhob Highway has been divided into five packages. They include 65KM Zhob-Tangi Package, 65KMTangi-Qila Saifullah Package, 50KM Qila Saifullah Nasai Package, 65Km Nasai-Khanozai package, and Khanozai-Kuchlak package.

“The Dualization of N-50 is an important connectivity project under the umbrella of CPEC,” an official of the Ministry of Communication told Gwadar Pro, adding that the ministry wants to initiate construction as soon as possible.


The project includes existing alignment with geometric improvements as well as adding two new lanes for the dualization of existing N-50 to four lanes. The right of way will be acquired to upgrade it to six lanes in the future.

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