Quality control to accelerate Pakistan mangoes entering Chinese market

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro May 25, 2022

LAHORE, May 25 (Gwadar Pro) - “Quality control is the keyword of this year’s mango export,” said Adnan Hafeez, director of Imperial Ventures (Pvt) Ltd. The first shipment of Pakistani mangoes of the present season will arrive in Kunming, China this week. Adnan told us that this time there are 4 tons of mango, half of which will be sent to Chinese wholesalers and retailers as samples.

“We have already got connected with some big supermarkets and e-commerce platforms in China, including Walmart, JD.com and FreshHema. The current issue is that they stressed the outlook of mango rather than its taste. Our mango tastes very good, but its outlook is not advantageous.”

Noticing the requirements, Adnan and his team are trying their best to improve the mango’s outlook. “We need to follow the strict processing guidelines from picking to transporting. “

“This year, to guarantee the mango's outlook and the quality, we are doing everything by ourselves. We need to sort out clean and beautiful mangoes manually. We also rent a licensed mango processing factory for the whole mango season. We're spending a lot of time, money and manpower on this.” Adnan added. “If the samples get accepted, we can expand our Chinese market and increase the frequency of our regular mango shipments till September.”

Last year, Pakistan's mango export was 150,000 tons, while its export to China was only 50 tons. Adnan aims to double this amount to 100 tons this year. “Right now we have the largest mango export market in Europe, the UK, and the middle east. Considering China’s large population, I believe that China will be one of the largest markets for Pakistan’s mango in the coming five to ten years. I will work continuously to explore the Chinese market.” Adnan said.

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