Ramazan: Pakistani staff at ease with fast in Chinese companies

By Yasir Habib Khan  | Gwadar Pro Apr 12, 2022

ISLAMABAD, April 12. (Gwadar Pro)- Thousands of Pakistani workers and officials are experiencing ease in spending fast during their working hours in Chinese companies since the onset of Ramazan. A number of Chinese companies have launched “Special Ramazan Plan” for Muslim staff as a considerate relief facilitating them to keep fast in true Islamic letters and spirit across Pakistan.

Given the Special Ramazan Plan, Pakistani Muslim Staff are having special allocated times for prayers, reduction in working hours, light workload and ample meal arrangements at sehri (fast-holding time) and Iftar (fast-breaking time).

Meanwhile, many companies have announced additional salaries and beforehand salaries enabling Pakistani staff to manage their needs and budgets in Ramazan.

Usama Hamid, senior translator in Challenge Textile, a Chinese company based in Lahore, said that under special Ramazan plan, half an hour of time has been set aside for “Asar prayer”.

Meanwhile, Chinese management has allocated a separate space with prayer carpets inside the company’s premises, allowing staff to do prayers conveniently. “The time-break and special prayer space have won the hearts of Muslim workers,” he added.

“Chinese companies allowed staff to leave work for 15 to 20 minutes before the holding and breaking of fast, allowing them to prepare themselves to perform religious practices in accordance with Islamic injunctions”, he said. The special Ramazan budget is also serving staff with abundant quality food during Sehri and Iftari times.

Hafiz Hussam Sohail, a Pakistani official working as Manager of Stations in Orange Line Metro Train (OLMRT) told Gwadar Pro that all Muslim staff are in high spirit during Ramazan as the company has reduced working hours, duties and provided maximum ease from Iftari time to Sehri time since the advent of Ramazan. “Instead of 48 hours a week, Muslim staff only need to work for 36 hours. Workers have six hours cut on patrolling assignments. Drivers enjoyed nap arrangements after each trip to observe fast diligently. There are elaborate arrangements in terms of the quality and the quantity of meals for fasting people. Another perk is that salary will be provided many days before the end of Ramazan,"he detailed.

China’s Consul General in Lahore, Peng Zhengwu, said that Chinese companies offered more resting time for Pakistani Muslim staff in Ramazan. Most of them also send traditional gifts to Pakistanis working in various capacities in China-run enterprises.

Especially in Gwadar Port where hundreds of local Muslims are at work, China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) has enforced Ramazan measures. Chairman of Z COPHC, Zhang Baozhong, said that all local employees are paid with a one-month additional salary to help support in the month of Ramazan.

“Working hours have been adjusted from 9 am to 2 pm. Iftar are being organized variously with different groups,"he added.

President of Lahore Overseas Chinese Association (LOCA) Luo Jianxue said that in Ramazan, Pakistani staff in Chinese companies have less workload and shorter working hours.

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