China playing key role to bring stability in Afghanistan, officials

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Mar 31, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Mar.31(Gwadar Pro) - Pakistani officials believe that China is playing a front-line role in bringing peace and economic stability in Afghanistan.

They are of the view that the conference from 30 to 31 March, attended by Afghan Acting Foreign Minister and foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s immediate neighbors – Russia, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will go a long way in addressing Afghanistan’s humanitarian and economic crisis.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Director General, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Muhammad Mudassir Tipu said, “China’s initiative of holding conference with neighboring countries to stabilize Afghanistan is very welcoming development.”

He said, “it’s a clear manifestation that China is cognizant of its role and obligations to promote regional peace and stability. As All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partners, both Pakistan and China remain meaningfully engaged in their endeavors to help Afghanistan build a better and secure future.”

Commenting on China’s initiative in dealing with Afghanistan crisis, another senior official Hassan Daud Butt, CEO, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Investment and Trade told Gwadar Pro that China is playing an important and pivotal role in order to bring regional integration and to support peace and prosperity amongst nations.

He said, “the way China has helped developing countries address COVID related challenges and in revival of regional countries is commendable.”

Daud said, “it is hoped that such initiatives and the deliverable set during the discussion will contribute towards a surge in the economy and also in proving regional trade, cross border trade and will support the expansion of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of which Pakistan is a key partner”.

Shakeel Ahmed Ramay, a political economist was of the view that China has played a key role in dealing with humanitarian crisis and economic instability in Afghanistan. He said, “China’s initiative will help at two levels.”

He said that first it will help minimize the impact of a humanitarian crisis which is unfolding in Afghanistan. Second, it will offer sustainable economic opportunities for Afghanistan and the regional countries through BRI and other initiatives.

“If we look at the geography of the countries involved in this dialogue invited by China, they are linked with each other and Afghanistan can act as a hub of connectivity for all these countries and it can facilitate smoother trade among all the regional countries.”

“It will also create decent livelihood opportunities for the Afghan people and sustainable economic opportunities for the country to come out of the impacts of war and bail the country on a sustainable basis,” he added.

China held two multinational meetings in the ancient town of Tunxi to discuss the economic and humanitarian crisis facing Afghanistan, as Beijing makes a diplomatic push for the country’s stability and development under Taliban.

Attempts by China to mediate in Afghanistan have been in the spotlight since the US withdrew its military from the country in August and Taliban seized power.

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