Beijing igniting the passion of millions for winter sports: President of POA

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Feb 9, 2022

Lahore, Feb 9th (Gwadar Pro) – “The visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games says a lot about this, using sports to enhance and build ties between countries. We are sure that China is hosting an extraordinary excellent sports event just as it promised, which is green, inclusive, open and clean. It is a joyful rendezvous on pure ice and snow igniting the passion of millions of people for winter sports - who are either physically there or watching it on television,” General Syed Arif Hasan, President of Pakistan Olympic Association, said at the Award Ceremony of Pakistan Students Short Video Competition which was held by All Pakistan China Friendship Association (APCFA) to congratulate Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

He said: “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will bring us closer together for a shared future of peace and development. We are witnessing the momentous occasions for our countries to build our bonds of friendship, a great milestone for all the world and for those who believe in the spirit of Olympism for bringing people together. I would like to emphasize once again the philosophy of Olympism Unity and peace among nations. I call for all countries to use this philosophy - rise, faster, higher, stronger together. ‘Togetherism’ is what Olympianism is all about, but not politicization, bias and splitting.”

General Syed also encouraged the athlete Muhammad Karim who represents Pakistan in the Winter Olympics. “Just like us, the whole world is glued to watching it very closely. The historic games will leave strong memories of Beijing holding this mega event in such a befitting manner,” he said.

Moin ul Haque, Pakistani Ambassador to China also attended the Award Ceremony and congratulated Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is being held at a critical juncture when our world and humanity are facing the Covid-19 challenges. This mega sports event is just a harbinger of a new look that our world would surpass difficulties and would make a fresh start. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will successfully meet in achieving our common goal of a shared future for prosperity and growth. I would like to extend my best wishes to Karim and all other athletes who are participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics. I am confident that the 2022 Winter Olympics will be a phenomenal success and shall win appreciation of all who love winter sports healthy competition and beauty,” Haque said.

Pakistani students who won prizes in the short video competition also expressed their best wishes for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. They believe that such sports events not only bring people of the two countries closer, but also build a bridge for friendly exchanges between teenagers. Young people will have more exchanges in the field of ice and snow sports, thus deepening the friendship between the two people. The students said the Beijing Winter Olympics let them see China's strength and inclusiveness, and they wished the sporting event a complete success.

Introduced by Farwa Zafar, General Secretary of APCFA, the video competition was launched in November 2021 across over 50 schools in Pakistan and 83 short videos were received from students with a total participation of over 120 students from 26 schools across Pakistan. To celebrate China's hosting of this world class sporting event, and to congratulate Beijing on becoming the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics, APCFA organized this short video competition. Pakistani students who took part in the competition recorded winter sports and CPEC with cameras, making all the politicization and prejudice of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics pale.

Khalid Mahmood, Secretary General of POA, Nong Rong, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Anoop Bhattarai, President of Organization of South Asian Regional Friendship and Cooperation with China, Pakistani educators, officials, media and friendly people attended the event.

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