Winter Olympics, An opportunity for Pakistan

By Muhammad Mehdi | Gwadar Pro Feb 4, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Feb. 4 (Gwadar Pro) – Pakistan sees every success of China as its own success and analyzes it. The Winter Olympics are starting in Beijing. There is also a special kind of attachment to Beijing as it is also the sister city of Islamabad. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for Pakistanis to see Beijing as a host of this sports event.

But at the same time, there is an opportunity for Pakistan to achieve economic goals during this event, and in order not to miss this opportunity, Pakistan has decided to send a high-level delegation for this event. The high-level delegation led by Prime Minister Imran Khan is visiting China.

When the discussion of Prime Minister Imran Khan's departure for the Winter Olympics began, his aim is to seek the help of Iron Brother to tackle the challenges facing Pakistan's economy.

There is no doubt that the performance of the Pakistani economy is not what Pakistan is capable of. That is why there is so much pressure on Pakistan's foreign reserves. That's more than 20 billion $ at the moment, which is the equivalent of a peanut for such a big country like Pakistan.

China has helped Pakistan a lot in this regard. China has still given 11 billion in commercial loans and safe deposits to Pakistan to get Pakistan out of this situation. CPEC is another thing from our friend nation to recover Pakistan's economy. Pakistan needs more assistance now.

Preparations were started in Pakistan before the visit to achieve this mutual cooperation. Many briefings were conducted for Prime Minister Imran Khan in this regard. These included an analysis of Pakistan's economic situation, the determination of interests for the visit and the modalities for obtaining them.

The briefings were attended by Prime Minister Imran Khan as well as senior civil and military officials of the country. The briefings focused on issues related to further Chinese investment, trade, use of information technology and further cooperation and expansion of Pakistani exports to China.

Along with all these issues, Pakistan currently needs a loan of three billion dollars from China and a working paper has also been prepared for obtaining this loan. In order to achieve all these goals, efforts were made to have a high-level Pakistani delegation meet with senior Chinese officials.

According to informed sources, success has been achieved in this regard and both sides have agreed to meet in which a number of agreements and MoUs will be signed.

In addition, the Pakistani delegation will meet with leading Chinese businessmen, business groups, Chinese think tanks, research scholars, academia and the media to discuss Pakistan's position on global, regional and economic issues and to understand the Chinese perspective.

Through these meetings, it is also predicted that the economic ties between Pakistan and China will be further expanded as the responsible persons of both sides will meet face to face on issues related to CPEC and other issues.

That will be able to take benefit from these engagements. Because of Corona, the opportunities for face-to-face talks have dwindled.

That is why Prime Minister Imran Khan has said before leaving for China" it would be his first time doing so and it was very "admirable" for China to go forward with the event when the pandemic had adversely effected many sports events across the world.


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