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By Muhammad Asif Noor | Gwadar Pro Sep 22, 2021

A Chinese proverb reads' a man of wisdom adapts to changes; a man of knowledge acts by circumstances. 'China is the advocate of adapting to changes and initiating responses to new challenges. Xi Jinping, the President of China, reflected the same spirit while speaking at the 13th BRICS Summit,chaired by Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi with the Presidents of Russia, South Africa and Brazil in attendance. BRICS is a multilateral forum where Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the members. The 13th BRICS summit was held this year to commemorate the fifteen years of cooperation between partner states. President XI acknowledged that all five BRICS countries have adhered ideals of transparency, openness, inclusiveness and equality with respect to each other over the period of fifteen years. This unique forum has helped all the member states to forge mutual political interest, strategic communication, respect of individual political systems and societal realities along with synergy to achieve higher growth and development.

In his speech delivered at the Summit, President Xi was of the view that the path of development should be mutually decided and worked upon to inject the spirit of coexistence and win-win outcomes.  The core theme of President XI’s message was' Advance BRICS Cooperation to Meet Common Challenges Together’. His message abides by the proverbial message of wise men adapting to the change to meet the new global challenges together. Thus, he presented the roadmap for the participating nations to meet common challenges.

The President praised the collective efforts of the group for synergized development policies and pragmatic decision making. consultative leadership with innovative approach can push pragmatic cooperation forward for mutual complementary benefit of a shared future. The unified approach has helped the five countries to play a significant role in global governance, multilateralism, and guardians of peace and harmony. This unique approach of China has supported the vision of global development through enhanced partnership.

The cooperation and fight against the COVID-19 through the BRICS platform and building of economic congeniality, speaks volume of development pace in BRICS nations yielding landmark growth achievements in multiple fields. President Xi lauds the unity of thought and action of BRICS even under duress to sustain growth and cooperation.  He has also noted the economic slowdown because of Covid-19, which still clutches the global economic growth. With little economic activity and trade, the road to development is bumpy and rough, which needs extra effort for cruising the resources.  Additionally, it has affected the standing of existing world order passing through profoundly abrupt changes.

President Xi called on BRICS states to join hands to actively contribute to building a shared future through peace and development.  He stressed the need for true multilateralism, respecting the fundamental principles of the UN, and rendering support to the UN mandated international system under the auspices of international law. Covid-19 as the barrier to global growth and there was a mutual call for joining forces to tackle the worst global pandemic. US led politicization of the origin of the virus has surely affected and impacted the global efforts of the searching for the origin of the virus.  If the US impedes efforts of scientific origin tracing, it would result in nothing but impasse. On the contrary, President Xi Jinping asserted the need to enhance global coordination with the help of WHO to facilitate sustainable global recovery. This is the approach that is required in these challenging times.

President Xi Jinping proposed openness and innovation driven growth which can ensure sustainable growth and economic recovery in the world. In addition, he asserted to give the WTO trading regime a center stage in global trade to facilitate small economies of the world by sharing data, information, technology and research to increase production. The development in result of global efforts would uplift social living standards and benefit individuals directly. He further highlighted the environmental concerns in industrial production to minimize the carbon footprint by shifting to green development.

In this time of global emergency, President XI has emphasized that the BRICS countries should stand united and strengthen mutual efforts and practical cooperation. BRICS nations should earnestly implement the strategic guidelines of BRICS Economic Partnership 2025. Under this strategy, there is a need for enhanced cooperation in areas of science, technology, investments, innovation, green initiatives, and low carbon development. In order to boost cooperation in these areas, China has set up a New Industrial Revolution innovation center in Xiamen, a city in China, where BRICS officials, business community and researchers can participate for the collective benefit of BRICS.

To make this happen, there is a need for strategic partnership through political and security cooperation for aligning the interests of member states. In addition, there is a scope of cooperation in areas of vocational education, skill development, Olympic Sports, cultural exchanges, seminars on governance, and people to people contacts. The training of public diplomats and media professionals by these countries can help the BRICS reap her full potential in a short period of time.

The writer is Founder Friends of BRI Forum

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