China to strengthen exchanges, cooperation with other countries in poverty reduction: FM Spokesperson Wang

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Sep 7, 2021

China to strengthen exchanges, cooperation with other countries in poverty reduction: FM Spokesperson Wang

BEIJING, Sept. 6 (Gwadar Pro) – China is ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in poverty reduction, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Monday’s routine Press Conference.   

Wang made the remarks when asked to comment on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks on China’s role model for developing countries in poverty alleviation.   

Wang said that China appreciates the positive remarks by PM Khan. Wang introduced that by the end of 2020, China had fulfilled its poverty alleviation target for the new era as scheduled, lifting nearly 100 million impoverished rural residents living below the current poverty line out of poverty.

Since the beginning of reform and opening-up, 770 million rural residents in China have been lifted out of poverty. According to the World Bank criteria, the Chinese population lifted out of poverty accounts for over 70 percent of the world's total over the same period of time.

Wang said that as a major country with nearly one fifth of the world's population, China has achieved the poverty reduction goal set in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ten years ahead of schedule.

This has enabled hundreds of millions of Chinese people to live a better life, and significantly reduced the impoverished population in the world.

Such accomplishment is not only a milestone in the history of the Chinese nation's development and the history of mankind's poverty reduction, but also a vivid illustration of the understanding of human rights with Chinese characteristics that "the rights to subsistence and development are the basic human rights of paramount importance".

It marks an important contribution to the global human rights cause, Wang added.

Wang pointed out that the key to China's historic achievement in eradicating absolute poverty lies in the fact that the CPC always puts people first, gives high priority to poverty reduction in its governance and eliminates poverty through development.

China has proposed and implemented a creative strategy of tailor-made poverty alleviation, using precise and strict standards and rigorous monitoring and assessment to make poverty alleviation efforts more targeted and effective.

China has been advancing poverty reduction based on its own reality, giving full play to the principal role of the impoverished population and pooling the strength of all parties to form strong synergy.

China's successful poverty reduction shows that poverty is not invincible. The path of poverty reduction with Chinese characteristics offers a Chinese solution to the challenges of modern state governance.

Wang said that China is ready to make greater contribution to the building of a poverty-free community with a shared future for mankind featuring common development. 


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