MCC donates Rs10 million to improve the environment in Nokkundi

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Aug 21, 2021

NOKKUNDI, Aug 21th (Gwadar Pro) - In order to improve the urban environment in Nokkundi and civil living conditions, a launching ceremony was held. To address the local financial difficulties, the contractor of Saindak project, Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC), donated Rs 10 million for the clean-up and entrusted SML to carry out environmental remediation.

Nokkundi is a desert city in Baluchistan province near the border with Afghanistan and Iran. The household garbage accumulated over the years in Nokkundi breeds pests and bacteria, which seriously threaten the lives and health of citizens. In order to improve the living environment of local citizens, the Nokkundi government has launched an environmental clean-up initiative.

"The local government sent us a letter asking for support. As a company that has rooted in this region for 19 years, we decided to donate Rs 10 million construction fund to help the local government and residents to create a beautiful city. Our decision and action have been praised by the local government and the people," said the MCC spokesperson.

Under the guidance of the local citizen volunteers, a loader and 3 trucks were dispatched for garbage collection. The household garbage, weeds, abandoned items and uneven roads were cleaned up and rectified, and the urban environment in Nokkundi has been improved.

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