Saindak provides free COVID-19 vaccine to surrounding residents

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Aug 6, 2021

KARACHI, Aug 6th (Gwadar Pro) – In order to protect local residents from COVID-19 epidemic, Saindak project, operated by Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC), has vaccinated 400 nearby villagers covering 6 surrounding villages and 200 staff of local customs, banks, companies, and shops in the last week.

However, the effort to vaccinate surrounding residents got off to a rocky start. Ren Huikuan, the spokesman of MCC told Gwadar Pro: “At first, the villagers were concerned about the negative effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. In order to gain their trust, the Chinese staff not only took the lead in vaccination, but also mobilized the Pakistani leaders of Saindak project and village elders to vaccinate. At the same time, the project group also produced several materials, including leaflets, brochures, videos, and posts, to publicize the vaccine process, matters needing attention, vaccine safety and other aspects to the villagers to guide them to participate in the vaccination.”

Both Chinese and Pakistani doctors of Saindak hospital have vaccinated villagers constantly, and the project staff also have assisted the effort, which greatly improved the efficiency of vaccination. Free vaccinations are continuing, and there are thousands of people in the 6 surrounding villages who are still unvaccinated. MCC promised that they would work with the elders to mobilize more residents and continue to support the region in its fight against the epidemic.

Pakistan is suffering from the fourth wave of COVID-19 outbreak, and the rapid spread of the Delta mutant strain poses a great threat to the lives of the people. In order to help the local people overcome the dilemma, MCC has not only provided free vaccines, but also distributed anti-epidemic supplies to the surrounding residents, and provided water and electricity for free as always. "These measures have been well received by the local people and resident agencies, and have once again demonstrated the deep friendship between China and Pakistan," Ren said.

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