Food commodities worth $4.393b exported in FY2020-21

By Staff Reporter | The Nation Aug 2, 2021

ISLAMABAD - Food group exports of the country during last fiscal year 2020-21 crossed $4.393 billion mark and witnessed about 0.73 per cent growth as compared to exports of the corresponding period of last year. During the period from July-June, 2020-21, the exports of fruits grew by 11.16 per cent, vegetables 7.14 per cent, spices 5.34 per cent, fish and fish preparations increased by 1.85 per cents. Besides, the exports of oil seeds, nuts grew by 212.64 per cent, meat and meat products increased by 9.62 per cent respectively, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. During the period under review, country earned $2.041 billion by exporting about 3.691 million tons of rice and $1.465 billion by exporting rice other then Basmati rice, it added. Meanwhile, 184,396 metric tons of fish and fish preparations valuing $414.193 million were also exported, besides exporting about 95,991 metric tons of meat and meat products worth $333.427 million, it revealed. During last fiscal year about 982,269 metric tons of fresh fruits valuing $479.929 million and 950,724 metric tons of different vegetables worth $319.882 million were also exported.

During the period under review, the food commodities that observed negative growth in their respective exports included leguminous vegetables (pulses), sugar and wheat.

It is worth mentioning here that food group exports in last month of fiscal year 2020-21 had witnessed about 41.83 per cent growth as different food commodities valuing $433.538 million were exported as compared to exports of $305.664 million of same month of last year.

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