PM Imran lauds China for offering alternative to Western democracy

By Staff Reporter | The Express Tribune Jul 2, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday lauded the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for offering a unique model of governance, terming it an alternative to Western democracy.

The premier's remarks came as he addressed Chinese journalists on the occasion of Beijing marking the centenary of the ruling party.

"Until now, we had been told that the best way for societies to improve was through Western democracy," PM Imran said.

"The CCP has introduced an alternative model and they have beaten all Western democracies in the way they have highlighted merit in society," he added.

The prime minister observed that a society can only achieves success when it brings about a system to hold the ruling elite accountable.

"The CCP achieved better without democracy. Their system for sifting through talent and bringing it up is better than the democratic system," he said.

PM Imran went on to say, "In our society and in Western democracies, it is difficult to bring change as you are bound by rules and regulations," and added that democracies of today plan only for "the next five years".

'Strengthening ties'

Earlier, the premier felicitated Chinese President Xi Jinping and the CCP. "In Pakistan, we admire the Chinese president for two reasons: for his fight against corruption and for bringing people out of poverty."

Pakistan, he added, was committed to strengthening relations with China in both the political and economic sphere.

"The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project," PM said and announced his trip to Gwadar next week to oversee development work.

“I’m also looking forward to my visit to China,” he added.

According to the premier, he sees the economic relations with Beijing moving forward. "The next phase of CPEC is very exciting for Pakistan. We plan to attract Chinese investment for special economic zones as our labour is cheaper."

On the agricultural ties, PM Imran said, "China's agricultural productivity is much higher, and I hope that we can benefit from the latest techniques and technology".

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