Waseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role model

By Staff Reporter | China Economic Net Jun 28, 2021
On the vast desert in eastern Pakistan, a 900-kilometer line stretches from Matiari to Lahore, spanning most of the areas in Sindh and Punjab. This is the ±600 KV HVDC transmission line, a power project with the highest voltage and the only direct-current transmission in Pakistan. It is also the only key grid project under CPEC. 
Waseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role model
Waseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role model
Waseem Akram, a graduate of the University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, witnesses the entire construction process as an employee of China Electric Power Equipment&Technolgy Co., Ltd. Since Day One on the construction site, Waseem has been cherishing a “little wish”, that is, to bring more benefit to Pakistani people by being part of the CPEC project.
To that end, he has been fully devoted to the Transmission Line Construction, being responsible for communicating with owners, arranging security personnel, training new employees and supervising the construction process.
Despite his credentials as an engineering with six years of experience, he maintains his thirst for knowledge as well as his pursuit for excellence. He proactively learns the advanced wiring technique. Impressed by the tricky drone manoeuvre and extraordinary high-voltage transmission lines, he spares no effort to learn about the details and grasp the design and calculation. His committed endeavor has earned him rewards. Now he is a trainer for new-coming workers. Often, he will organize seminars to impart his expertise to the green hands.
Waseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role modelWaseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role model
During the pandemic, he swiftly adjusted his working mode to comply with anti-epidemic protocols. Together with the medics sent by his company, he helped his colleagues learn anti-epidemic knowledge and motivated them to defy the difficulties. His contributions have won acclamation of Chinese brothers and local people.
Matiari to Lahore ±660kV HVDC Transmission Line Project is developed in the “BOOT” mode, i.e., build, own, operate, and transfer. With a total investment of US$1.6 billion, it will transfer the power in Southern Pakistan to the Load Center, providing electricity for the people in Punjab and the capital region and creating 5000-7000 jobs. 
Waseem has a “little wish” -- CPEC role model
In October, 2020, the project was completed, marking the highest voltage in the grid of Pakistan’s history.  
Now, looking at the grand project that he has been sweating over, Waseem feels that his “little wish” has been realized.
The orinigal Chinese version of this article was first published on China Economic Herald.
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