People of Gwadar, the starting point of Gwadar’s development

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Jun 15, 2021

by Fatima Javed

ISLAMABAD,Jun.15(Gwadar Pro) - Chief Minister Baluchistan Jam Kamal Khan is clear in his directions that the starting point of Gwadar’s development has to be the people of Gwadar. The statement was shared recently on Twitter by Shahzeb K. Kakar, Director General of Gwadar Development Authority.

The provincial government of Baluchistan has vowed to adopt special measures to allay the concerns of local people in Baluchistan especially Gwadar. The officials are ensuring that development projects in Gwadar offer a due share of employment opportunities to the locals.

The budget 2021-22 also proposed new initiatives for the province. Many recent projects and initiatives have been taken to ensure the development and to raise the status of the people of Gwadar. The CPEC projects in Gwadar are playing a crucial role in this regard.

The good news for the people of Gwadar recently came when the government approved phase 1 of the Old Town Rehabilitation Plan, which is costing Rs 4 billion.

“Old Town Rehabilitation has started in earnest. In the first phase, we are connecting the old town areas to our sewerage and drainage network. It will be followed by underground cabling and paving,” said DG Gwadar Development Authority.

The newly proposed road from Mand to Gwadar, Shnzeneq Dam Dasht, Gwadar Pipeline water to Jiwani, cadet college Gwadar, oceanic research center Gwadar and water system will also fulfill people’s need.

The other developments include Gwadar’s overall development plan, meetings on the issues, policy, and matters, progress on the biggest Public Sector Development Program ever for Gwadar, steps on Public Health Emergency, New dams being made, new hospital of the old town and new roads.

Pak-China Technical and Vocational Training Institute, built under CPEC grant with a total cost of Rs 2 billion is also expected to complete in December this year which will pave way for the people of Gwadar to take part in CPEC-related projects. The vocational institute will focus on port operations, engineering, tourism, Chinese language, etc.

An early tsunami alert system is also being placed on the coast of Pasni. The CM Baluchistan promised to make Gwadar University for which Baluchistan Government is making a universal university act. According to him, public policing, service, and overall support in law and order will be going to another level.

Maximizing digital service in all police stations in Baluchistan, central reporting, monitoring, surveillance and data bank are also parts of the development plan for Baluchistan including Gwadar.

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