Pakistani and Chinese youths promote social welfare programs

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Jun 4, 2021

by Mariam Raheem

ISLAMABAD, June 4 (Gwadar Pro) - With the strong support of the Overseas Chinese Association-Pakistan and Chinese enterprises, the China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community and Chinese Students Association Pakistan have been focused on a series of accurate poverty alleviation activities in 2021 themed by “the Belt and Road, Passing the love”, to help the poor, orphans and students recently.

The distribution campaign was officially launched in Hayat Progressive School as the starting point of 2021 social welfare programs. With a total of five stops, about 2,500 poor families, primary schools, refugee camps, orphanages, as well as the lonely elderly, the disabled, and poor students received loving packages.

Pakistani and Chinese youths promote social welfare programs

Packages distributed. [Photo provided by Ma Bin]

Pakistani volunteers have played a key role in distribution activities. Members of China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community decided to distribute supplies to 400 orphaned and disabled families as soon as possible, taking into account the travel difficulties of the lonely elderly and the disabled to prevent them from accidents. Due to the large number of people and the wide range of the distribution, the head of the Pakistani volunteer team arranged for more than 20 volunteers to maintain order. After several days of busyness, several Pakistani volunteers suffered from heatstroke in muggy weather and fatigue, but they were still full of enthusiasm.

Pakistani and Chinese youths promote social welfare programs

Afghan Refugee Primary School. [Photo provided by Ma Bin]

On April 26, Chinese young volunteers came to the fifth stop of distribution, Afghan Refugee Primary School, where they prepared packages with rice, flour, oil, sugar, salt, tea, concentrated Pakistani rose juice, juice powder, etc., specially matched with children’s favorite milk, candy and drinks. “Behind every child, there is a refugee family who urgently needs to solve the problem of food and clothing, and these packages can help them get through this auspicious holy month of Ramadan,” Mr. Ma Bin, head of China-Pakistan Youth Exchange Community said.

Since 2014, young volunteers from China and Pakistan have come to this primary school every year to repair houses, renovate classrooms, dig wells, install solar fans and distribute school uniforms, schoolbags, textbooks, etc. Children here have forged a deep friendship with the volunteers. The children shouted again and again in Chinese taught by volunteers that “Long live Pak-China friendship”, which moved everyone present.

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